August 6, 2009


Last night I woke up and began to "think" about things in my life. One thought went to the next and all of a sudden an explosion happened. I was caught up in an emotional turmoil regarding situations I have been working with. My emotions got more intense and then I wondered if I could see what this turmoil looked like. Immediately my conscious mind's eye moved into my memory bank. There before me was a huge storm tempest. The energies were like giant mountains moving with sounds, colors, and energy. The storm was unstoppable and looked to continue in strength forever. Then my mind said, "I should apply my cleaning tool to this thought form." I applied the tool. Within seconds the storm was gone. Absolutely gone. I looked around to see the mountain forms. They were there but no energy moved. I checked by looking at the edges and trying to see under the surface. The form of the mountain backdrop was there. It was still huge, but was totally empty--nothing. I was astonished!


During this meditation I was able to actually experience what happens in the memory bank when a thought/replay comes up. I got to see the perpetual strength of this energy. Literally it would rage forever. I got to see the application of the ho'oponopono (SITH) tool. It worked like a flash. Then I got to see the space that was freed up from this turmoil. Later this was to fill with the Inflow or Manna from Divine Mind--in Divinity's Time.


For me this experience is profound and so very sacred. We as a being have our subconscious mind. It holds this memory bank that is filled with exeriences we have created, accumulated, and or accepted from the moment of our creation to the present. Without applying the ho'oponopono these tempests will rage within us relentlessly.


Thank you,


Kamailelauli'I Rafaelovich