March 17, 2011


The only task in life is to make amends for memories replaying past errors and offenses in our souls. These errors note Shakespeare are rebel powers that block the light:


Poor soul, the centre of my sinful earth,

. . . these rebel powers that thee array...


We are God-made, perfect. We can petition Divinity to have our memories replaying past errors transformed to nothing through repentance, forgiveness and transmutation.


"To be or not to be free" is the choice. How wonderful that we don't have to wait up on someone else to set us free from our past errors.


SITH restores the mind, specifically the soul, back to its original state of nothing, of void, of zero. And in the state of nothing, light automatically illuminates the mind and all minds for perfect relationships, perfect ideas, perfect sources of wealth, perfect health and perfect environments.


"Seek ye first nothing and all else will be added."


"I am the I. I come forth from the void into light."


Peace of I,


Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D.