SITH® Basic I Class Schedule

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Registration information for each class will be posted below as the information becomes available.
IZI LLC may at any point change the instructor for a class listed below and replace the presenter with a different qualified instructor to conduct SITH® classes. IZI LLC may also add an additional instructor for any class at any point.

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ITALY - Riccione, Rimini
September 23 & 24, 2017 Basic I (Italian only)
Location: Hotel Ambasciatori Viale
Address: Milano 99 47838 Riccione Italy
Phone: +39 0541 60651
Instructors: Nello Ceccon & Müge Akyüz Özkorkut
Coordinator: Nello Ceccon
Download the Flyer in Word
Website: http://www.hooponoponoitalia.it/index.php/it/
ITALY - Villabartolomea, Verona
November 25 & 26, 2017 Basic I (Italian only)
Location: Hotel Villabartolomea
Address: Via dell’Accoglienza 4, 37049 Villabartolomea (Vr)- Italia
Phone: +39 0442 650060
Instructors: Nello Ceccon
Coordinator: Nello Ceccon
Download the Flyer in Word
Download the Flyer in PDF
Website: http://www.hooponoponoitalia.it/index.php/it/
SWEDEN - Jonkoping
Oct 28 & 29, Jonkoping, Sweden Basic I (English with Swedish translation)
Location: Hasse pa Sjokanten
Address: Rekrytvagen 5, 553 05 Jonkoping, Sweden
Phone: +46 36 777 73 77
Instructor: Gulya Kekaulike Polikoff & Irene Schwonek
Coordinator: Ramadevi Pasupathy
Download the Flyer in English
Download the Flyer in Swedish
Website: http://www.hooponoponosweden.se/
TURKEY - Izmir
Oct 7 & 8, Izmir, Turkey Basic I (Turkish with English translation)
Location: Kordon Otel Pasaport
Address: Akdeniz Cad. No:2, Pasaport/Izmir, Turkey
Phone: 0090 (232) 484 81 81
Instructor: Cankut Ozkorkut & Sena Alp
Coordinator: Sena Alp
Download the Flyer in Englsih
Download the Flyer in Turkish
Website: https://www.hooponopono-izmir.com/