From Absentee Student

This past weekend I participated in the Tokyo class as an absentee student and I wanted to share with you what was my experience.
    • At different moments during the weekend I was realizing a variety of wonderful things, that indeed I
      heard before hundred times, but I now got it deeper. Although I know that the process is a moment by
      moment I understood (with my heart) that the process is moment by moment! That every single little
      thing that comes to my experience I have to clean with it! That I am 100% responsible. I felt so happy
      with it! This was my 4th class!!!!
    • Ok the next thing was that I shall use all the tools that I know, it is such a Divine gift and I was so far,
      using couple of them… it is a way to being grateful to the Divinity and to Morrnah!
    • Other thing was that I should ask Divinity for instructions… I now feel comfortable and happy with it.
    • I read the manual with tools and I found things I haven’t seen before and I can’t tell you how many
      times I read the manual!
    • A tool came also to me telling me that it is available for all the times I need help or I feel fear and also
      whenever I have the need to manage things so I should put the situation on a tray and give it to Divinity,
      as it knows! Divinity is the specialist!
    • One of the coolest and fun was that I used a tool to ask to Divinity „ please tell my what is my other life
      purpose, I know that one is that I came hear to clean and what is the other one, job wise talking, I don’t
      know what to do, tell me what is the right job I should do“ and immediately Divinity said „HEY! You
      clean!“ ISN’T IT JUST BEAUTIFUL?!!! Hahahahaha! I loved it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for waking us up! It was a wonderful experience and I am eternally grateful to you, Mary, that taught me so many things about being a better person, better mum, have taught me that wonderful thing of shutting my mouth more and leave to the divine management to manage everything. I am eternally grateful to Ihaleakala that the couple of times I ask him a question he was so tough and I so much needed it and for his amazing and wonderful job, to Kamaile, to Morrnah, to the Foundation of I and all the people and things that are participating in this big thing.

Thank you for your cleaning.