My 30 year trek thru life with SITH® as my Guide and Inspiration…..

One thing that has remained true is once I notice a problem and realizing this is memories replaying, I clean, meaning I use my Divinely Inspired Tools, clean, erase, erase….. moving the memories causing ‘static’ within me back to zero.

Inspiration begins to move me forward. How do I recognize this? I usually don’t. Flow comes into play, no coping, no managing, no controlling. I trust this Flow is moving me forward, “For I am Peace”.

As I reflect on this ‘Process’ thru the years, I find life has taken me far beyond anything I could have imagined.

My health and overall energy is still strong just by asking moment by moment, what tools do I use to clean these memories and how do I proceed? I clean with which foods should I eat. I clean with feeling purposeful. I clean with my path through the day.

Then I listen to my Inspiration. I am Grateful.