Last year we participated in the Ho’oponopono seminars both in Denmark and Holland. I want to share what has happened afterwards. I was having trouble in my work and I was working on that also at the seminars and discussed with Hew Len and the tension was increasing at work but here is was has happened afterwards:

I was returning from Frankfurt with a friend of mine to Turkey after a two day business trip and we were at the gate to the airplane with our economy class tickets but suddenly an airline personal came to us and said that he will upgrade us to business class and gave us two new tickets saying that the plane was full. I took my place on one side of the row and my friend took the seat at the opposite side. Normally we ask to the person next to us to change places in order to sit together with my friend but in this case neither of us attempted for that and then a guy came next to me who is a well known businessman in Turkey and we talked with him during the flight and when we arrived as both of us enjoyed the chat he gave his card and told me to call him. I called him some time later and we started meeting and after two meetings he talked me about his new business project about electric vehicle production and sales which is a very interesting subject for me and offered me the managing position of that project and guess what I have been working in this new business for the last three months and although there are challenges of new businesses like this, I am so happy that a miracle kind of thing happened in my life when I was so desperate about work and I believe it is related to my cleaning with Ho’oponopono.