I took a Ho’oponopono weekend training on a whim because it felt like the right thing to do. I started practicing Ho’oponopono immediately after the training ended. Two months later I heard Inspiration say that it was ok to quit my corporate job and start a flower shop. I was so ready and happy to quit my job but starting flower business from scratch? I figured everyone would think I was crazy! But as I was leaving my well paying secure job in San Francisco, my boss said, “Wow that’s great what you are doing. I wish I could do that”.

I did not tell anyone that this had never actually been a dream of mine, that I had no retail experience and oh by the way no experience in the floral industry! With my business degree and small savings I found a space in which to create from scratch a floral shop. Within weeks of opening the shop, I got comments from clients like, “I don’t want to leave this shop. It feels so good to be in here,” and “you are so lucky to be working with flowers. Were you trained in Paris?”

I would laugh and think to myself how can I explain to them that I have NO training or background in this business. I was still just trying to learn the names of all the flowers! My secret to the floral business was to clean with Ho’oponopono before, during and after the shop closed.

I would clean on the way to the San Francisco flower market. I found that I did not need a list of flowers to purchase, that the flowers would actually tell me which ones were to come back to the shop with me. A few times I questioned this when I started to doubt that I really needed to purchase a certain type of flower. Every single time this happened by that same afternoon the phone would ring for an order of that exact flower.

If I cleaned the flowers would talk to me in different ways. Sometimes I could taste the different colors and knew immediately that I was working with Inspiration. Sometimes I would step back from a grand floral arrangement that I had just designed and look at it in amazement wondering who made it because I certainly didn’t know how to do that sort of thing. When my hands would take off working away quite quickly, I knew Inspiration was doing the work. I just tried to keep my thoughts quiet and clean so that I would not get in the way of Divinity’s work.

Life is so easy if you just let go and trust that Divinity will guide you along the right path. It is easier said than done. I still work every moment of everyday on letting go and trusting even after all the wonderful things that the I has given to me. Amazing how hard we make life and yet how simple life can be!