The other day, I was sitting in my office and I was annoyed about something. I then looked in my mindís eye and saw the thought form of my frustration. It looked like a field of buzzing angry red balls, all in a tizzy. A moment later, I applied a cleaning tool to them. Ice Blue. I looked again. Amazing. There was the same field, but what I saw was this: Each red buzzing angry ball of energy was now a pale blueish white color and was wrapped in what appeared to be a cocoon. It looked like angel wings were wrapped around each individual ball. Each ball was sleeping. Peaceful. Quiet. A moment later, I looked again. Now what I saw was this: The field was empty. The cocoons were gone. There were holes in the ground where each one had laid, all in a row in this field. The holes were waiting to be filled by inspiration, in Godís time. What I realized was that when I clean, the memories are actually taking a journey. They want to be free, but in order to take that journey, they have to be able to be at peace and rest. They can not rest when we are actively hating them, judging them and holding onto them. They can rest and be at peace when we are at peace and when we clean.

I felt such love for each of my memories and I am overcome with gratitude for the love of God.
Thank you and I Love You.