From ZHoku=Pana's Granddaughter Age 11:

Can I Find Zero?
Everything is out of control. We have memories together that wonít wipe away. The sky is pink our hearts are blue. Itís the most beautiful day and itís drifting away. Can we just enjoy the sunset for once? Be together and find the love? But we are just stuck in our memories and we wonít take responsibility. We wonít clean our hearts and mind. So we are just stuck back in time, we canít find zero. The perfect time when our minds are clear, perfect at last, but perfect is slow as molasses to come to mind and enjoy this night. Divinity is calling my name but I still feel the same. The child within me is sad and alone. He says, ďI just gotta let go.Ē Then I started thinking of life and happiness, started to thank Divinity and me. Then a picture of my child smiling went through my mind. It was time to let go and look through Godseyes. Iím now at peace, feeling cherished and loved. The sorrow and pain has left my brain and went in a day that was sent to the heavens. Now I feel as pure as the Lady of Freedom. I have found the peace that is i and the peace in the world.