"I wanted to thank you from all my heart, for the wonderful clear, focused and heartfelt way you facilitated the Basic I course.

It was as if you imprinted it in me and I totally the thoroughly absorbed it and became one with it. I have been cleaning every minute I can spare from the needed bit of thinking needed to function. A lot the other time that my mind was used to be in void is now dedicated to cleaning.


I can already see the miracles.


The first appeared at 8.38 a.m. on the morning of Oct 22nd, a few hours after I enrolled, not even payed yet -


I got a job offer from another country that seems to be the one that will take me in through immigration requirements.


My energy field and level of vividness rose so much that it feels as if the sleeping beauty really woke up and started rolling.


All the many details of the arrangements that I was postponing out of lack of stamina, are now done consistently and when a little resistance or other difficulty arise I clean and clean and clean.


I am so thankful!


It was the right course at the very right time with a great teacher deeply connected ( I can see and hear too )"

Regarding the World Wide Absentee:


"Dear Ones,


Words cannot duly express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the World Wide Absentee Registration. I am in complete awe of the continued graciousness of IZI LLC to provide such a gentle, caring, and easy service to soften the load of my mind.


There is no one but me to hold hands with when it comes to solving problems. There is no clearer path to help me, help myself, then Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono. As my pen runs out of ink as I write this thank you letter, I know the memories of past debts fade with it as well.


Thank you, I love you."

"Thank you Emil, Nasima, Dr. Hew Len and all who cleaned behind the scene. On the way home to Noviy Urengoy someone got very sick right on airplane. They didn't have a doctor. I started to use Ho'oponopono tools. When we landed I asked while exiting the plane how was the person. They said he is alive and no need for medical assistance anymore. Thanks to Ho'oponopono perhaps I saved someones life. Only Divinity knows."



My 30 year trek thru life with SITH® as my Guide and Inspiration…..


One thing that has remained true is once I notice a problem and realizing this is memories replaying, I clean, meaning I use my Divinely Inspired Tools, clean, erase, erase….. moving the memories causing ‘static’ within me back to zero.


Inspiration begins to move me forward. How do I recognize this? I usually don’t. Flow comes into play, no coping, no managing, no controlling. I trust this Flow is moving me forward, “For I am Peace”.


As I reflect on this ‘Process’ thru the years, I find life has taken me far beyond anything I could have imagined.


My health and overall energy is still strong just by asking moment by moment, what tools do I use to clean these memories and how do I proceed? I clean with which foods should I eat. I clean with feeling purposeful. I clean with my path through the day.


Then I listen to my Inspiration. I am Grateful.




 Thank you to everyone who participated in organizing the online seminar!


We had a cleaning going on in unique virtual space and it has been as strong and powerful as in conference room during the IZI LLC workshop. The strongest point, to my opinion, is that you do not distract your attention to anything but the class. You are in the comfortable setting of your own home where everything is familiar.


I took 100% responsibility for preparation of the virtual space for the seminar.


These two days of the class, I have been cleaning,  repeating tools: in the morning when woke up, and when sitting in the virtual classroom near the laptop, and when engaged in household chores during the breaks and in the evening after the seminar. That was my responsibility - through the cleaning to realize my maximum responsibility for the cleaning of the memories. It would be great if such online seminars will be held more and more! (start my cleansing to these events) I love you! I thank you!

From ZHoku=Pana's Granddaughter Age 11:


Can I Find Zero?

Everything is out of control. We have memories together that won’t wipe away. The sky is pink our hearts are blue. It’s the most beautiful day and it’s drifting away. Can we just enjoy the sunset for once? Be together and find the love? But we are just stuck in our memories and we won’t take responsibility. We won’t clean our hearts and mind. So we are just stuck back in time, we can’t find zero. The perfect time when our minds are clear, perfect at last, but perfect is slow as molasses to come to mind and enjoy this night. Divinity is calling my name but I still feel the same. The child within me is sad and alone. He says, “I just gotta let go.” Then I started thinking of life and happiness, started to thank Divinity and me. Then a picture of my child smiling went through my mind. It was time to let go and look through Godseyes. I’m now at peace, feeling cherished and loved. The sorrow and pain has left my brain and went in a day that was sent to the heavens. Now I feel as pure as the Lady of Freedom. I have found the peace that is i and the peace in the world.

Thought you might be interested to hear some of the interesting developments in my life since returning from Dubai and continuing with Ho'oponopono cleaning. Within weeks major physical changes happened in my life. First off we received an unconditional offer for our farm and we sold the property. (something I had been trying to do for a long time). One of my daughters commented at the time that it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.


This meant that I had six weeks to clean out 16 sheds (some very large) containing 40 years of accumulated stuff from my farming and contracting career.


90% of the stuff I got rid of leaving me with one shed of stuff I thought I needed but looking at that now I think 90% of that needs to go to, so i have not finished yet. This was a very physical demanding job taking every waking hour during the past couple of months but through it all I just kept "Cleaning". Whenever I started to get stuck I would hear "JUST CLEAN" and i would just keep going. Over and Over i found stuff with connections to people , places etc - "Clean, Cleanse, Release, Thank you". Over and over I found that I had traveled full circle. I found myself at places that I had been at the very start of my career or i noticed i was putting something back, or that i was removing something that i had put there. "Clean, Cleanse, Release, Thank you" . or "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you". or I Love you, I'm Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you".


People associated with me during my career were shocked and disbelieving that i was enjoying the process. In fact i found it was very cathartic.Interestingly there is another group of people who when i tell them about my clean out, it is as if i have given them permission to do the same.


During all this a friend who works with crystals told me the sea needed cleaning. While thinking about this it came to me that the sea needed Blue Solar Water. Whenever i can, i put Blue Solar water into the sea and feel it go around the globe. The sea is inter connected all over the globe and i invite you whenever possible to clean the sea with Blue Solar Water. The sea thanks us for it.


Not long after this experience I was in Australia with my immediate family to spread my mothers ashes at a headland on the East coast. As part of our little ceremony i suggested if they were comfortable with it that we clean the sea with Blue Solar Water and my sister duly turned up with Blue Solar Water as per my instructions to prepare it and included it in proceedings. Immediately after our little ceremony for my mother concluded, out of nowhere a rainbow appeared and a short while after a whale breached out in the bay, the significance of which was recognised and appreciated by all.


Interestingly i find people very receptive to using Blue Solar Water.


I continue to practice Ho'oponopono. There are times that i marvel at the serendipity of things and times that the business of life crowds back in and the I that thinks it knows best tries to control the outcomes. I Clean and i clean some more.


I love this journey and the new and interesting people i have met along the way and strive to be open to where it is leading me.

In May of 2005, I suddenly fell ill to what I can only describe as a nervous breakdown. I don’t even know if that would accurately describe it. All I know is that my husband thought I was ready to leave the planet. For five days my heart would race at way over 100 beats per minute. I could not sleep but could only pace the floor. When I tried to sleep, I was so scared because I literally felt my heart stop. I was in a constant state of panic. My little boy was 2 years old at the time. This was when I lived in Hawaii and my current doctor was a Naturopathic Physician. I didn’t have great luck with western medicine, but when my N.D. couldn’t help me, I had no choice but to go to the ER, where I was admitted to the Psychiatric Ward.


The doctors kept overloading my system with antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication, because they could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had never been a depressed person, nor had I ever taken antidepressants in the past. They insisted I was depressed and gave me dosages that I would perhaps give an elephant. From 2005-2008 I was hospitalized in a Psychiatric Unit four times. The antidepressants were not working and I kept getting worse. I wanted to leave the planet many times as I suffered excruciating emotional pain and anguish. My doctor’s solution…give her more drugs. I remember living in Boston, reading….. book about how no medication had helped her depression and how she went to Massachussetts General Hospital and had shock therapy. Living in Massachussetts, I thought it was my only way of surviving.


In early 2007, I remember watching ……. introducing "The Secret" to the world on…... I felt this rush of excitement. I hadn’t felt excitement in a very long time. After the show, I drove to a bookstore and started learning how to visualize and making my wildest dreams come true.

( I could never manifest good health however, and continued to suffer.) My caveat is I did manifest my family moving to San Diego and it was thrilling, having that happen. I knew there was something way beyond anything I had ever known or been taught in the past, as our moving to SD was nothing short of a miracle.


I started studying various energetic healing modalities and in early 2008, I learned of Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono. I studied and did the "cleaning" process religiously. The depression went away and I threw all of my addictive antidepressants, anti-A.D.D. and anti-anxiety medication in the trash. I haven’t taken any medication whatsoever since November 11th, 2008; currently it is January 29th, 2012.

I feel like a million bucks and still do my "cleaning" even today, even as I type this.


Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono is immense with profound blessings, wisdom and beauty. I hold this like a treasure, next to my heart and I am deeply grateful to God, for giving me this most sacred gift.

From Absentee Student


This past weekend I participated in the Tokyo class as an absentee student and I wanted to share with you what was my experience.


• At different moments during the weekend I was realizing a variety of wonderful things, that indeed I heard before hundred times, but I now got it deeper. Although I know that the process is a moment by moment I understood (with my heart) that the process is moment by moment! That every single little thing that comes to my experience I have to clean with it! That I am 100% responsible. I felt so happy with it! This was my 4th class!!!!

• Ok the next thing was that I shall use all the tools that I know, it is such a Divine gift and I was so far, using couple of them… it is a way to being grateful to the Divinity and to Morrnah!

• Other thing was that I should ask Divinity for instructions… I now feel comfortable and happy with it.

• I read the manual with tools and I found things I haven’t seen before and I can’t tell you how many times I read the manual!

• A tool came also to me telling me that it is available for all the times I need help or I feel fear and also whenever I have the need to manage things so I should put the situation on a tray and give it to Divinity, as it knows! Divinity is the specialist!

• One of the coolest and fun was that I used a tool to ask to Divinity „ please tell my what is my other life purpose, I know that one is that I came hear to clean and what is the other one, job wise talking, I don’t know what to do, tell me what is the right job I should do“ and immediately Divinity said „HEY! You clean!“ ISN’T IT JUST BEAUTIFUL?!!! Hahahahaha! I loved it.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for waking us up! It was a wonderful experience and I am eternally grateful to you, Mary, that taught me so many things about being a better person, better mum, have taught me that wonderful thing of shutting my mouth more and leave to the divine management to manage everything. I am eternally grateful to Ihaleakala that the couple of times I ask him a question he was so tough and I so much needed it and for his amazing and wonderful job, to Kamaile, to Morrnah, to the Foundation of I and all the people and things that are participating in this big thing.



Thank you for your cleaning.


Thank you so much for sending a completion certificate for the last Ho'oponopono Basic I class all the way to Japan! I was delighted to receive it, and hung it on a wall where it will undoubtedly keep things cleaner still!


I attended that class as an absentee, and it was just as well. I was sick as a dog that weekend, with a backache that exacerbated every time I sneezed or coughed, which was often! I couldn't sleep the entire weekend. Yet, I felt your collective energy coming from Japan, and wouldn't you know it? On Monday morning, when I woke up (which would have been late Sunday afternoon in Boston, just when things were wrapping up), my illness and backache were gone! Just like that! That's some powerful cleaning you did, so I say thank you again, with deepest gratitude.

Last year we participated in the Ho’oponopono seminars both in Denmark and Holland. I want to share what has happened afterwards. I was having trouble in my work and I was working on that also at the seminars and discussed with Hew Len and the tension was increasing at work but here is was has happened afterwards:


I was returning from Frankfurt with a friend of mine to Turkey after a two day business trip and we were at the gate to the airplane with our economy class tickets but suddenly an airline personal came to us and said that he will upgrade us to business class and gave us two new tickets saying that the plane was full. I took my place on one side of the row and my friend took the seat at the opposite side. Normally we ask to the person next to us to change places in order to sit together with my friend but in this case neither of us attempted for that and then a guy came next to me who is a well known businessman in Turkey and we talked with him during the flight and when we arrived as both of us enjoyed the chat he gave his card and told me to call him. I called him some time later and we started meeting and after two meetings he talked me about his new business project about electric vehicle production and sales which is a very interesting subject for me and offered me the managing position of that project and guess what I have been working in this new business for the last three months and although there are challenges of new businesses like this, I am so happy that a miracle kind of thing happened in my life when I was so desperate about work and I believe it is related to my cleaning with Ho’oponopono.

The other day, I was sitting in my office and I was annoyed about something. I then looked in my mind’s eye and saw the thought form of my frustration. It looked like a field of buzzing angry red balls, all in a tizzy. A moment later, I applied a cleaning tool to them. Ice Blue. I looked again. Amazing. There was the same field, but what I saw was this: Each red buzzing angry ball of energy was now a pale blueish white color and was wrapped in what appeared to be a cocoon. It looked like angel wings were wrapped around each individual ball. Each ball was sleeping. Peaceful. Quiet. A moment later, I looked again. Now what I saw was this: The field was empty. The cocoons were gone. There were holes in the ground where each one had laid, all in a row in this field. The holes were waiting to be filled by inspiration, in God’s time. What I realized was that when I clean, the memories are actually taking a journey. They want to be free, but in order to take that journey, they have to be able to be at peace and rest. They can not rest when we are actively hating them, judging them and holding onto them. They can rest and be at peace when we are at peace and when we clean.


I felt such love for each of my memories and I am overcome with gratitude for the love of God.

Thank you and I Love You.

I want to share with you something absolutely amazing that is putting me in tears every day since Sunday.


I broke my neck in 1997 which initially left me paralyzed from the neck down. I have since had a lot of therapy and obviously walk again!!


The last 6 to 7 months, I have had some major problems/issues with my neck and it holding so much stress in and around the injury area. This became very bad especially after I stopped smoking (through HO OHPONOPONO) and the stress/anxiety would hit the area of my broken neck. The pain sometimes so intense that it would feel like the day I broke my neck. I had recently began going to acupuncture to relieve some of the pain…. BUT I still had bouts of the pain throughout my day. I was pretty much told that my posture needed major overhaul/therapy because for the last 15 years, I have walked incorrectly and with bad posture from the broken neck.


While at the class on Sunday, the pain began to bother me. Of course, I was doing HO’OPONOPONO on it, but none the less, it was still beginning to become a bit painful.


As you know, at the end of the day, we were given the demonstration of the balancing exercises. I had to push myself to get up there, but I did and was one of the three individuals who was guided to do a “Live Demonstration”. As I laid down on the sheet, I found that my neck was screaming in pain and my mobility to move it to the side was not good. I proceeded to listen to Mary’s instructions while Ihaleakala sat crossed legged(Indian style) at my head. He said nothing, but one word “Perfect” when I was doing “Exercise 2”. When finished I got up and knew something was different, I just did not know exactly what. My friend looked at me and said “Does Your Neck Feel Better?” (I had never mentioned to her that I was in pain). I looked at her and said YES, it does.


Still not giving much thought to “No Pain” because I would have relief of pain at times so for the pain to just go away was not anything unusual. And for the pain to come rushing back was not unusual either. As of Today, I have been pain free from my neck since the exercise which is amazing, BUT that is just the beginning!!!!!!


I COMPLETELY WALK DIFFERENTLY AND MY POSTURE IS HOW IT WAS BEFORE I BROKE MY NECK. I am flooded with tears everyday over this as it sinks in as to what has really transpired here. I have no hunch over anymore with my neck bending over as I walk. This is unbelievable, but believable at the same time….


As we spoke at the workshop, I have only been exposed to Metaphysics since last July and introduced to HO’OPONOPONO in early April of this year. I have had many many many wonderful things transpire in my life. It just goes on and on and on and on…… BUT my neck is absolutely amazing and a COMPLETE MIRICLE………. I have been personally touched and sprinkled with the magical blessings of You, Mary and Ihaleakala!!!


I NOW walk PERFECT!!! And NO pain………………… I feel it, I felt it, I see it!!!


Thank you, I love you!!

I took a Ho’oponopono weekend training on a whim because it felt like the right thing to do. I started practicing Ho’oponopono immediately after the training ended. Two months later I heard Inspiration say that it was ok to quit my corporate job and start a flower shop. I was so ready and happy to quit my job but starting flower business from scratch? I figured everyone would think I was crazy! But as I was leaving my well paying secure job in San Francisco, my boss said, “Wow that’s great what you are doing. I wish I could do that”.


I did not tell anyone that this had never actually been a dream of mine, that I had no retail experience and oh by the way no experience in the floral industry! With my business degree and small savings I found a space in which to create from scratch a floral shop. Within weeks of opening the shop, I got comments from clients like, “I don’t want to leave this shop. It feels so good to be in here,” and “you are so lucky to be working with flowers. Were you trained in Paris?”


I would laugh and think to myself how can I explain to them that I have NO training or background in this business. I was still just trying to learn the names of all the flowers! My secret to the floral business was to clean with Ho’oponopono before, during and after the shop closed.


I would clean on the way to the San Francisco flower market. I found that I did not need a list of flowers to purchase, that the flowers would actually tell me which ones were to come back to the shop with me. A few times I questioned this when I started to doubt that I really needed to purchase a certain type of flower. Every single time this happened by that same afternoon the phone would ring for an order of that exact flower.


If I cleaned the flowers would talk to me in different ways. Sometimes I could taste the different colors and knew immediately that I was working with Inspiration. Sometimes I would step back from a grand floral arrangement that I had just designed and look at it in amazement wondering who made it because I certainly didn’t know how to do that sort of thing. When my hands would take off working away quite quickly, I knew Inspiration was doing the work. I just tried to keep my thoughts quiet and clean so that I would not get in the way of Divinity’s work.


Life is so easy if you just let go and trust that Divinity will guide you along the right path. It is easier said than done. I still work every moment of everyday on letting go and trusting even after all the wonderful things that the I has given to me. Amazing how hard we make life and yet how simple life can be!

1. I am in the middle of having some dental work, I have had teeth extracted in my upper jaw, a bi lateral bone implant and have to put up with dentures till the bone graft takes when dental implants will be placed. My jaw bone is shrinking, due to the extraction and I have real issues in keeping the denture firmly in place. I have to use fixative. Imagine my horror when unpacking in Prague, I found I had left in behind! My denture would not stay in place without it, it simply fell out. I did some Ho oponono on it each morning and it stayed firmly in place each day!


2. On the plane home, all the stewards were so very sweet to us and seemed to really like being with us, the chief steward came down and said " what is it about you two ladies, all my staff are saying how amazing you are" We chatted to him for a while, a few minutes later he returned with a flight magazine in his hands and said here is the magazine you asked for, we were puzzled, he whispered, just open your bag, I did and he dropped it in.When he had gone, we looked, 2 bottles of champagne for us! And he kissed us goodbye on the way out of the plane.


3 ( and the most important) I have an adult son of 52, he has not been talking to me for the past 6 months and the situation was getting worse and worse, no matter what I tried, it was misjudged, viewed with suspicion and I was in a lot of emotional pain. The whole weekend I worked on that situation, and realised my errors. I LOVE YOU, was said thousands of times, when I got home, he had called on Saturday morning and sounded back to how he has always been. I called him Monday and we spoke for 1 and a half hours, joyfully, lovingly, just thinking about it now, I am crying. It is a miracle. We both said, lets never go to that dark place again and we both will do whatever it takes to ensure that we always come from love.

“Shortly after taking the Business SITH online and including my daughter in my questionnaire she was hired in her field of accounting. She hadn't had a position for 1 1/2 years. Was hired on the spot. Thank you for this online class.”